Ken S.
July 22, 2015

Working with Christopher Nolen Home Inspections is always a pleasure. As a realtor, I come across many businesses that serve the industry in offering real estate inspections and the like. Without hesitation, I would recommend Christopher Nolen house inspections to anyone looking to purchase a house. Their staff are great people to work with and will do whatever they can to accommodate a realtor’s request in regards to building inspections. I have seen Chris, a qualified home inspector, work with both very tentative, inexperienced buyers and with savvy buyers that have experience in home repair. He is very straight forward and explains what he sees without the drama and need to prove his knowledge and expertise. When a home inspection report doesn’t look quite right to me, I always recommend my clients get a second opinion with Christopher Nolen. I have seen Chris catch omissions that other heating & cooling inspectors for example have simply missed. Chris excels at making the potential buyers educated on the house so they can be better buyers. If you are in the process of buying a home, call Christopher Nolen Home Inspectors without delay!