Christopher Nolen and Associates LLC home inspection company is the best there is. For a building inspection company in New Orleans, they are the only ones for me. Their level of expertise is second to none and I have been impressed time after time, by their attention to detail and how thorough they are. The property inspectors aren't just good at what they do - they're really personable and friendly too. It's one thing being good at house inspections but quite another to be able to communicate this info effectively. If I ever have any questions about my home and what is happening with it, I feel full confidence in being able to ask their house inspectors about it. Their fees are really reasonable too. The first time I called them was for the initial real estate inspection. Now I have their home inspectors come out every couple of years for prevention and maintenance reasons. The initial roofing inspection for instance put my mind at ease that I didn't need any major repairs when I bought the house and their heating and cooling inspection recently alerted me to a problem with my a/c that if I didn't fix early would have lead to me replacing the whole ac system prematurely. We live in a humid climate and I'm always concerned about mold and the air we breathe in our home. Christopher Nolen are certified mold inspectors and indoor air quality specialists; therefore experts at mildew and mold testing. They help to keep our family safe. If you are looking for a residential real estate inspector in New Orleans, look no further!

Erik M New Orleans LA

Christopher Nolen is the real deal! If you want to know about the problems (and even potential problems) your home (or your potential new home) has and is likely to have, he is your man. If on the other hand you think ignorance is bliss, use any rubber stamp home inspectors and save the surprises for later. In our case, my husband and I were looking at a home that was at the top of our comfort level. It was 'pre-inspected' (most likely just a 4 point inspection) and ready to move into. I knew things were going to get interesting when we told our real estate agent that we had booked Christopher Nolen, the infamous residential home inspector. He found about $25,000 worth of issues. I don't think the pre-inspection even tested for mold or considered air quality testing. Some were pressing and would have put our families health at risk and others could have gone a few years but would undoubtedly cost us money in the end that we really didn't have. The agent poo pooed Christopher's report so I bought in a friend of mine that has a home remodeling company and his assessment of the issues in his expertise was in line with it. We ended up walking away from the house with no regrets because if we have purchased it on the basis of the pre-inspection given, we would have been faced with over $10,000 in immediate repairs. If you want to go into a home with eyes wide open, this is the home inspection company to call!

Chrissy C New Orleans LA

Christopher Nolen & Associates Home Inspectors were a pleasure to work with. They are quick communicators and always give us quality advice. When we purchased our home in Kenner, their building inspector literally saved us over thousands in future repairs. Their attention to detail during the property inspection made home buying a lot easier and stress free. The real estate inspection report contained helpful suggestions and photos of any issues that need to be addressed. They also helped us deal with some annoying requests for the City of Kenner too. There are bigger house inspection companies out there but none are going to best the results you will get by hiring Christopher. We highly recommend Christopher Nolen Home Inspections as your first call when buying a house.

Shauna N Kenner LA

Professional property inspection service. I called the number for Christopher Nolen & Assoc Home Inspection and the link was busy but I promptly got a call back. The home inspector on the phone was friendly and knowledgeable. His inquiries put me at ease right away because he had obviously done this before! I need a house inspection as soon as possible and requested a plumbing inspector specifically as leaky plumbing was my main concern as I noticed strong signs of mold and mildew. He was able to come out the next day and in addition to the inspection, he did mold testing as well . He arrived early, took multiple photos and was very detailed during the entire real estate inspection. It was easy to ask questions and he tolerated me following him around and chatting the whole time (specifically about the house and generally about things to do in the Gretna area). I highly recommend this building inspection company.

Robert D Gretna LA

My future home got inspected by Christopher Nolen & Assoc Home Inspectors. They arrived a few minutes early and the licensed house inspector was very friendly. Compared to my previous experience with another Kenner real estate inspector, Christopher did much more of a property inspection and was very thorough with everything from minor issues like some damaged shingles on the roof to major issues like mold testing. I was really concerned with the HVAC system and initially was considering hiring a heating and cooling inspector but after Christopher's analysis, I felt their was no need. It was professional and easy from the point of initial contact and short interview of our main concerns and points of interest to the detailed building inspection report. I was more than satisfied with the level of detail and service in which they inspected my prospective home. They were knowledgeable and offered very reasonable prices. I have already recommended their residential home inspection services to several of my friends.

Joanne N Kenner LA

I would definitely recommend Chris for home inspection. Here are three reasons: he is punctual, professional, and reliable. I called up Chris for home inspection last week (6/16/2011) to set up a Sunday appointment. When we arrived at the house, he was there already inspecting the house exterior. Due to unforeseen circumstances on the seller side, however, he could not perform a full inspection. We asked him for a follow up inspection. As it turned out, he was very reliable. He called us proactively three times as we were mired amidst the chaos of buying a new house and forgot to setup a follow inspection with him. The second inspection went smoothly. He explained every detail very thoroughly, discovered things that other inspector did not find, and sent us an inspection report within three hours.

Jack L New Orleans LA

Chris gave us an appointment within 48 hours. Not only did he do a very thorough & meticulous inspection of the house but his report/professional opinion was sent to us within hours of the inspection. Can't get better than that! I highly recommend him.

Dalton M New Orleans LA

The service at Christopher Nolen & Assoc Home Inspection is exceptional. They were able to book the appointment just the next day after I called. The home inspector was on time, very personable and knowledgeable about his job. He was very thorough too and explained what he found in each section of the house inspection as he went along, which he then backed up in the real estate inspection report. There was no fuss or drama. It was all very factual and straight forward. The real estate inspector also did our air quality and mold testing which was extremely useful as we were concerned about a plumbing inspection and drainage. I felt like hiring Christopher Nolen's was like hiring expert heating and cooling, roofing, electrical, and plumbing inspectors etc but all rolled into one! We feel a lot more educated and informed about our new home now. The building inspector was the one aspect of the home buying process that was low stress, great value and definitely worth every penny. We will certainly be using them again in the future when needed

Darlene B Gretna LA

3/17/2012 is the day that we (my husband and I) met Chris Nolan, and we were so impressed. Not only is he a professional he is a very nice guy. After our home inspection we found other issuse with the house we bought called him up to ask questions and the next thing I know he was on his way to Slidell from Kenner to talk to us personally not just on the phone. He has spent time texting and finding information on the computer to futher aid us in our problem. he has even offered to personally come out to our house and help my husband work on our home. Dealing with Christopher is just like dealing with a friend. We HIGHLY recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.

The Kings New Orleans LA

Chris was such a professional! He exceeded my expectations and put my mind at ease. very thorough and detailed. Highly recommended.

Mary G New Orleans LA

Working with Christopher Nolen Home Inspections is always a pleasure. As a realtor, I come across many businesses that serve the industry in offering real estate inspections and the like. Without hesitation, I would recommend Christopher Nolen house inspections to anyone looking to purchase a house. Their staff are great people to work with and will do whatever they can to accommodate a realtor's request in regards to building inspections. I have seen Chris, a qualified home inspector, work with both very tentative, inexperienced buyers and with savvy buyers that have experience in home repair. He is very straight forward and explains what he sees without the drama and need to prove his knowledge and expertise. When a home inspection report doesn't look quite right to me, I always recommend my clients get a second opinion with Christopher Nolen. I have seen Chris catch omissions that other heating & cooling inspectors for example have simply missed. Chris excels at making the potential buyers educated on the house so they can be better buyers. If you are in the process of buying a home, call Christopher Nolen Home Inspectors without delay!

Ken S. Metairie LA