Erik M
April 4, 2015

Christopher Nolen and Associates LLC home inspection company is the best there is. For a building inspection company in New Orleans, they are the only ones for me. Their level of expertise is second to none and I have been impressed time after time, by their attention to detail and how thorough they are. The property inspectors aren’t just good at what they do – they’re really personable and friendly too. It’s one thing being good at house inspections but quite another to be able to communicate this info effectively. If I ever have any questions about my home and what is happening with it, I feel full confidence in being able to ask their house inspectors about it. Their fees are really reasonable too. The first time I called them was for the initial real estate inspection. Now I have their home inspectors come out every couple of years for prevention and maintenance reasons. The initial roofing inspection for instance put my mind at ease that I didn’t need any major repairs when I bought the house and their heating and cooling inspection recently alerted me to a problem with my a/c that if I didn’t fix early would have lead to me replacing the whole ac system prematurely. We live in a humid climate and I’m always concerned about mold and the air we breathe in our home. Christopher Nolen are certified mold inspectors and indoor air quality specialists; therefore experts at mildew and mold testing. They help to keep our family safe. If you are looking for a residential real estate inspector in New Orleans, look no further!