Chrissy C
April 4, 2015

Christopher Nolen is the real deal! If you want to know about the problems (and even potential problems) your home (or your potential new home) has and is likely to have, he is your man. If on the other hand you think ignorance is bliss, use any rubber stamp home inspectors and save the surprises for later. In our case, my husband and I were looking at a home that was at the top of our comfort level. It was ‘pre-inspected’ (most likely just a 4 point inspection) and ready to move into. I knew things were going to get interesting when we told our real estate agent that we had booked Christopher Nolen, the infamous residential home inspector. He found about $25,000 worth of issues. I don’t think the pre-inspection even tested for mold or considered air quality testing. Some were pressing and would have put our families health at risk and others could have gone a few years but would undoubtedly cost us money in the end that we really didn’t have. The agent poo pooed Christopher’s report so I bought in a friend of mine that has a home remodeling company and his assessment of the issues in his expertise was in line with it. We ended up walking away from the house with no regrets because if we have purchased it on the basis of the pre-inspection given, we would have been faced with over $10,000 in immediate repairs. If you want to go into a home with eyes wide open, this is the home inspection company to call!